“Your place is the first place your child started learning. Your child learn how to walk, talk express himself or herself and give love. You are the kids role model and there many ways to reinforce at home what they are learning at school. For example, in the kitchen, ask him or her to count the dishes he or she is drying. Or ask your child to estimate 1-cup servings are in a pot of sop.

Building a bridge between what your child is learning at school and what happens in your home gives meaning and purpose to learning.

How do feel when someone you love shows an interest in your hobby, your profession, or your duties at home? It makes you feel what you are doing is important.

Children will feel the same way – that what they are learning is important. What they are learning matters when they practice those same skills in their home environment.

Not only will your attention and practice propel your child to success, but he or she will also see the value in learning when they see value it has to you”.

By: Lisa Vitarisi Mathews                 

SBS BookClub #81